Hershey's CocoJet Prints Unique 3D Designs Like Life-Like Figurines

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: thehersheycompany & techcrunch
Hershey is now joining the many companies using 3D printers to reinvigorate old products -- this time to create 3D chocolate masterpieces. Previously only a distant dream, the CocoJet is now a reality that lets chocolate lovers across the US buy customized treats for their eating or viewing pleasure.

The company is using CocoJet as a marketing tool as well, bringing it on tour across the country to show off its tricks. The tour invites people to select their design off of an iPad and watch the machine recreate it in 3D chocolate form. The technology uses open-source designs, so it's possible to have CocoJet recreate your own pattern as well.

This interactive experience customizes Hershey's products for consumers, leaving them with a lasting memorable event to remember them by.