From Coffee Search Apps to Morbid Delivery Coffins

 - Oct 25, 2015
Free toast giveaways, VR headsets that come in cereal boxes and gourmet pie tastings are just a few of the top October 2015 interactive ideas for marketing. Quirky ideas like these and more seek to catch a consumer's attention in the most ridiculous ways in person, creating the potential for a viral campaign online.

As many of these successful campaigns prove, a big advertising budget is not always necessary. In London, interactive cigarette receptacles were set up, which did the double duty of having the public vote for the best sports players, while also cleaning up the city streets.

In the spirit of Halloween, dozens of spooky promotions are beginning to appear, but none quite as creepy as the one from the Coolstuff website this year —the web retailer is giving people the chance to have their order shipped and delivered in a custom life-sized coffin.