The Netflix Festival Will Have 15 Genre-Specific Screens

Netflix Festival is the streaming service's first endeavor in out-of-home entertainment. Set in Paris, the Netflix Festival will feature 15 separate screens all across the city. The content screened includes specially curated programs and movies that are tailored to very specific viewing interests.

Each screen will have a unique playlist, most of which will be genre-specific. The interesting thing about the Netflix Festival is its choice of screening methods. Netflix will have its programs screened in places like the Eiffel Tower and abandoned hospitals. This inventive concept will create a distinct interplay with the venue of the screenings along with the content of the programs, creating an extremely immersive experience.

These creative movie poster-like ads were released to create interest for the event. The festival will culminate with the premier of Netflix's first ever feature film, 'Beasts of No Nation.'