- Nov 14, 2016
In recent years, restaurant marketing campaigns have shifted from a focus on food and ingredients, to a focus on the multisensory experience of eating out.

One way in which restaurant ads have changed is that they focus on the lifestyle surrounding their menu rather than the dishes themselves. For instance, Panera Bread created an ad that shows how the brand serves as a partner when it comes to helping families eat healthy. Similarly, the Chipotle ad titled 'A Love Story' reiterates the company's commitment to using fresh ingredients and selling "food with integrity."

Another way restaurants are engaging with consumers is by leveraging the interactive element of social media. This can include everything from branded filters at chains such as IHOP and Taco Bell to restaurant-specific emojis such as those created by Tim Hortons. These types of restaurant marketing campaigns not only encourage consumers to interact with the brand, but they also help to spread brand awareness online.

From French Fry Films to Fast Casual Filters: