This Wendy's Thick Cut Bacon Ad Personifies the Meaty Snack

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: adsoftheworld
The latest ad from fast food giant Wendy's celebrates its thick cut bacon ingredients and sends a powerful message about body diversity in a way that is both humorous and memorable. Featuring personified versions of bacon ingredients, the ad starts off with a conversation between two bacon slices who tan by the beach.

After stating that she wishes she looked "more like those thin cut bacon slices," the meat slice is challenged by the commercial's secondary star -- a lifeguard who celebrates thick cut bacon.

Borrowing from the social issue of body diversity and the media, this Wendy's commercial rejects stereotypical beauty ideals and makes a comment on the subject indirectly. Overall, the ad by VML agency market's the eatery's latest product while appealing to real issues that resonate with its target demographic.