From Aspirational Lifestyle Ads to Health-Endorsing Chocolate Flyers

 - Jun 17, 2016
As consumers become increasingly aware of the effects of a poor diet, many brands are focusing their attention on healthy eating campaigns. Instead of the traditional dieting mantra of cutting back, these campaigns focus on the benefits of eating more balanced meals.

Many of today's healthy eating campaigns take an additive, rather than a restrictive approach to dieting. This means that they focus more on what consumers should be eating, rather than what they should be cutting out. For instance, there are a number of ads that encourage consumers to eat more nutritionally rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

Beyond a focus on healthier choices, there is also an emphasis on dietary changes. For instance, Cheerios released an ad that emphasis the benefits of gluten-free cereal. Another example is McCain #MODIFRY campaign, which urges to consumers to swap out unhealthy condiments for more nutritious toppers.