This Heartwarming Ad for Cheerios Addresses Those with a Gluten Intolerance

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: adweek
This ad for Cheerios features the brand's gluten-free cereal. Having a gluten intolerance is an illness that cannot be cured, but it can be controlled by eating the right foods, such as gluten-free Cheerios.

The ad is essentially an anecdote about a member of the Cheerios' engineering team. An elderly man tells his story about how he came to realize that his daughter in-law couldn't eat Cheerios because of her gluten intolerance. The engineer brought up his concern with Cheerios, and the brand ended up created a line of gluten-free cereal. This ad showcases the brand's kindness and understanding about illnesses that cannot be cured.

Many people suffer from this illness, a fact that Cheerios marketers understand and address in this commercial. The brand is catering a wider audience who are unable to eat traditional foods by taking initiative and creating a cereal that can be enjoyed by everyone.