From Portable Quinoa Bowls to Fast Casual Fruit Salads

 - Jul 6, 2016
These ready-to-eat meal ideas range from portable quinoa bowls to fast casual fruit salads that marry great taste with convenience. In addition to a blend of both hearty and health-conscious menu items -- from KFC's edible tortilla bowls to Starbucks' nutritious 'Power Lunch' deals -- other standouts include samosa bowls that can be enjoyed while on the go. These particular food options will appeal to consumers with a seasoned palate and take traditional snacking to new heights.

Appealing to modern consumers' love of convenience, these ready-to-eat meal ideas target those with varying tastes, satisfying both indulgent cravings and the desire for healthier options. Ideal for urban professionals, students or commuters with a packed schedule, these pre-made food ideas require no additional prep and are ready to enjoy without sacrificing taste and quality.