From Fast Food Kitchen Tours to Spontaneous School Operas

 - Feb 24, 2016
These campaigns for kids are about more than just about promoting snacks and meals. While food is a focus in these campaigns, they are also used to tackle issues that have to do with everything from nutrition and overall health to food literacy and education.

Like their Millennial parents, kids of today have grown up expecting to interact with their favorite brands, especially when it comes to the creation of advertisements and custom packaging. Oreo, Waitrose and Wendy's are three brands that created products and campaigns in celebration of kid-created designs.

Similarly, many food brands are favoring experiential marketing when it comes to reaching young audiences. For instance, in Singapore Burger King launched kitchen tours and burger-building workshops to give both kids and parents a better understanding of what's being eaten. Another great example comes from pasta brand Scala'. While words like "authentic" and "premium" are often used to entice grown-up consumers, Scala' created an experience to introduce these themes to kids. For one day, the pasta maker served fine Italian cuisine for at a school, accompanied by a live opera performance.