These McDonald's Ads Celebrate the School Season with Tasty Reminders

We are constantly bombarded with fast food ads through the Internet, TV, magazines and billboards. Most of these ads tell us about the newest product offering, or upcoming specials. McDonald's however has used this opportune time to for a simple and clever series of print ads.

The back-to-school campaign by McDonald's turns basic school supplies into subtle reminders for the fast food giant. A red and yellow backpack hints at the restaurant's golden arches, while a cleverly placed yellow book turns textbooks into a cheeseburger. A cup full of pencils is also meant to tease viewers of its iconic fries.

Although the ads don't advertise any particular menu products, McDonald's is capitalizing on the back-to-school frenzy that many kids and parents are currently experiencing. The ads further assert its brand is on the forefront of creativity.