From Familial Pasta Menus to Shareable Pizza Crusts

 - Nov 26, 2015
These indulgent family meals range from pizzas with shareable crusts to fast food menus that pay tribute to cartoon pop culture icons. While a Minions-themed menu by McDonald's targets families with small children, Pizza Hut's sausage roll, breadstick and meat pie crusts can be enjoyed as a shareable snack.

As consumers grow more and more health-focused, fast food options are becoming more indulgent than ever before. Recognizing that indulgence may be a rarity for modern families, fast food brands are offering menu items that are both experiential and memorable.

Standouts include hybrid fast food products like chicken fries, pizza-flavored chicken wings and even donut desserts that boast savory Christmas dinner flavors. Other notable examples include regional breakfast menus that are inspired by local ingredients along with affordable fast food promotions that target families on a tight budget.