These Chicken Tostadas Recipe Deconstructs the Meal with the Use of Chips

In celebration of National Nacho Day, Williams Sonoma has created the ultimate food hybrid by turning the popular Mexican taco into a deconstructed nacho platter. The dish transforms the format of chicken nachos into a pull apart meal that is ideal or sharing with others and serving at parties.

The nachos feature crunchy tortilla chips in place of taco shells that are topped with rich black beans cooked in bacon lard, cumin, garlic and chicken broth. To that slow roasted chicken breast marinated in a similar seasoning are shredded and topped with all the classic taco fixings including grated Monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, sliced avocado and spicy peppers. This dish transitions the popular Mexican fare into a more sharable format for multiple people to enjoy simultaneously.