From Chocolate-stuffed Quesadillas to Croissant Taco Shells

 - Apr 8, 2017
If nothing else these crazy Taco Bell creations prove that the Mexican food-inspired fast food chain is willing to take chances. Whereas other fast food joints focus on artisan buns and organic ingredients, Taco Bell gleefully tries to up the ante as much as possible. The result is a constantly changing menu filled with food that goes viral the second it's revealed.

Some of these crazy Taco Bell creations have managed to become mainstays on the menu. However, the majority of these burritos, quesadillas and tacos were designed specifically as one-off items with a limited shelf life. The company's unique approach ensures that there's always something fresh to find in its stores. It also gives the Internet something to talk about (and more than likely go crazy over) every few months.