These Batman Burgers are Served on a Charcoal-Colored Bun

To celebrate the opening of its latest store, the DC Comics Super Hero Cafe is serving quirky Batman burgers on charcoal-colored buns. Colorful hamburger buns have popped up at a number of different fast food chains to celebrate everything from Halloween to popular TV shows. The latest colorful menu addition is inspired by the iconic Dark Knight.

The Batman burger is stuffed with Wagyu Beef and served on a charcoal-colored bun. The bun itself is topped with a tiny bat signal that pays tribute to the iconic comic book character. Along with the adorable Batman burgers, customers at the Super Hero Cafe can also order Aquaman-inspired prawn cocktails and Superman chicken burritos.

If you're eager to get your hands on a Batman-themed burger, the quirky superhero cafe has locations in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong.