From Bespoke Pizzeria Menus to Seasonal Fast Food Feasts

 - Feb 1, 2016
These fast casual dinner innovations range from bespoke pizzeria menus to seasonal fast food feasts that celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. In addition to seasonal hamburger combos like White Castle's Thanksgiving slider menu that is made with Butterball's iconic turkey range, other standouts include casual translations of gourmet pasta meals.

While fast casual restaurants Sbarro and Panera Bread offer a myriad of fresh and artisanal pasta meals, competitors like Olive Garden make one's casual dining experience even more upscale and traditional while appealing to those with budget restraints.

Additional standouts include personalized offerings like Burger King's fast food beer menu that pairs hamburgers with pints along with Blaze Pizza's pie and wine deals that combine complementary food and beverage flavors. Lastly, examples like Churches Chicken's french fry shakers allow patrons to customize meal sides with a range of delicious spices.