The New 'BOSS Nachos' Feature Generous Portions of Marinated Steak

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: tacobell
Taco Bell is continuing its effort to bring marinated steak to the masses with its brand new nacho dish. While most people think that steak is reserved for fancy restaurants and gourmet bistros, Taco Bell is making the tasty ingredient available on-demand. With the new 'BOSS Nachos' anyone can enjoy the delicious taste of steak without having to cough up the extra cash.

The new BOSS Nachos follow the release of the BOSS Wraps back in October. The new dish features twice the portion of marinated steak in the form of a delicious nacho platter. The steak is seasoned with a piquant blend of garlic, chili pepper and black pepper before it is grilled to perfection. The steak is then placed on top of a bed of nachos covered in iconic Taco Bell ingredients such as cheese sauce, fresh Pico de Gallo and creamy guacamole.

With the new BOSS Nachos, consumers can enjoy a delicious steak experience with the flavor, convenience and value that Taco Bell is famous for.