From Vegetarian Value Snacks to Bite-Sized Breakfast Appetizers

 - Feb 19, 2016
From vegetarian value menu options to bite-sized breakfast foods, it is clear that snack-sized fast food is becoming a popular option among consumers. This is particularily true of millennials consumers who are interested in smaller meals that fit their on-the-go lifestyle.

When it comes to fast food snacking, millennials tend to prioritize portability and convenience. For example, wraps, tacos and small sandwiches are popular choices because consumers do not have to stop and sit down in order to enjoy their food. Smaller versions of popular menu items such as burgers and breakfast sanwiches are also ideal because they are easy to eat on the go.

Beyond on-the-go snacking, millennials also value the social aspect of eating and sharing a meal. As a result, many brands have begun offering more shareable options such as Wetzel's Pretzels Pizza Bitz, Burger King's Chicken Fries and McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks. This is also true of sweet offerings, which include the Oreo Biscuits from Church's Chicken and the Funnel Fries from KFC.