This Fast Food Menu Offers Smaller Bites for Less Hungry Customers

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: sonicdrivein & brandeating
'Sonic' recently introduced a new menu that offers smaller bites for less hungry customers. While fast food restaurants traditionally specialize in super-sized servings, many have begun to realize the demand for daintier bites. Rather than providing consumers with more food than they need, the new Sonic menu allows consumers to choose a smaller serving size.

The new menu includes petite hot dogs called 'Lil Doggies' and miniature chicken sandwiches called 'Lil Chickies.' Both dishes come in a variety of flavors to accommodate a wide variety or tastes. Despite their small size, the smaller bites offer the same amount of flavor as their larger counterparts. The tiny dishes allow consumers to enjoy the same flavors they love without the oversized portions.

The snack-sized menu is perfect for health-conscious consumers or those with smaller appetites such as children.