From Egg White Breakfast Bowls to Croissant Taco Shells

 - Mar 1, 2016
From egg white omelet bowls that are low in calories to loaded croissant tacos that facilitate on-the-go snacking, there is a clearly a growing demand for new fast food breakfast dishes.

One of the biggest shifts in terms of fast food breakfast fare it the rise of better-for-you options. For example, McDonald's is testing egg white omelet bowls that provide a low-calorie alternative to heavy breakfast sandwiches. McDonald's Japan also offers avocado breakfast toasts that give consumers an easy way to add some vegetables to their morning meal.

In addition to the growing demand for healthier fast food breakfast dishes, there is also a strong emphasis on convenience. With so many consumers eating on go, dishes that travel well are preferred over those that need to be enjoyed at the table. Some examples of innovative to-go breakfast options include Taco Bell's Breakfast Quesalupa, Dunkin' Donuts' GranDDe Burrito and Burger King's Croissan’wiches.