You Can Now Enjoy a Spam & Cheese Burger King Breakfast in Japan

If you wake up with a big appetite and a taste for man-made meat, some of the new additions to Japan's Burger King breakfast menu are sure to satisfy.

Burger King Japan is offering several new kinds of breakfast burgers, including the Spam & Cheese, BLT Burger, Bolognaise Burger and the Morning Burger, as well as several other options like the Beef Ham Sandwich, Hot Dog Classic and Fish Sandwich that you might normally eat for lunch or dinner instead of first thing in the morning. Although these Burger King breakfast options are a little heavy on the meats (or meat-like products), the menu items are served on whole-grain buns as an alternative to white bread. At just a few hundred yen, these meals are at least something different from the same old egg and sausages you'll find as fast food breakfast options.