These Breakfast & Brunch Ideas Honor National Egg Day

 - Oct 9, 2015
In honor of National Egg Day, try these recipes and make egg the star of your dish. While egg is a major ingredient in various dishes and baked goods, these vitamin-packed edible ovals are delicious on their own as well. From spicy egg curry to vegetarian egg-filled tacos, this versatile food makes a variety of tasty meal options.

Since brunch has become a millennial Sunday ritual, it's no surprise that eggs are an essential part to this demographic's weekend diet. With exotic egg menus serving ostrich eggs or take-out brunch dishes, this healthy ingredient is making its way into the lives of many consumers with an appreciation for protein-packed meals.

Additionally, home-cooked dishes like baked egg potatoes are easy to make in one's own kitchen. Hollowing out a potato and cracking an egg into the edible bowl is a delicious and creative idea for a National Egg Day dish.