This Dish Contains Soft Scrambled Eggs Instead of Meat

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: thekitchn
The Kitchn blog recently put together a recipe for tacos that are filled with soft scrambled eggs instead of meat. Although tacos are traditionally made with meat, there are numerous vegetarian-friendly versions of the tasty Mexican dish. These meat-free tacos feature a delicious combination of eggs and cooked veggies.

The vegetarian tacos are made from flour tortillas filled with soft scrambled eggs and any vegetables that you happen to have on hand. The recipe is completely customizable, meaning you can use anything from potatoes to zucchini. The combination of eggs and vegetables makes this dish light enough for a quick breakfast. For something heartier, the tacos can also be loaded up with a vegetarian source of protein such as beans or quinoa.

This recipe is the perfect option for vegetarians who are looking for a way to enjoy meat-free tacos.