This Eatery Offers Massive Fried Ostrich Eggs Instead of 24 Regular Eggs

 - Jul 15, 2015
References: standard & eater
This London, England restaurant called WingEggs offers guests an exotic egg menu item: an ostrich egg. This massive egg is perfect for those protein-deprived individuals who are looking for a healthy way to load up after the gym.

This exotic egg comes at a fairly steep price of $85 and you have to pre-order the giant meal. Each ostrich egg is fried up and served on a dinner plate. It also provides the same amount of food as 24 large hen-laid eggs.

If you are looking for an even more exotic dining experience, WingEggs also offers guests the option of an emu egg. It's about the same size as the giant ostrich egg but this item has a bright blue shell and it will cost you about $110 to indulge in. If you ever consider dining at WingEggs, be sure to bring your wallet and your appetite.