This Chain Offers Pizza and Wine Pairings at Most of Its Establishments

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: facebook & blazepizza
Blaze Pizza is a rapidly growing chain that offers pizza and wine pairings at a number of its establishments. Like many other fast casual restaurants, the company hopes to draw in different customers by providing the option to enjoy an alcoholic drink with dinner.

Despite a focus on lighting-fast service, Blaze Pizza is committed to serving healthy pizza made with fresh, artisanal ingredients. To help set the chain apart from other fast casual eateries, the pizzeria now offers pizza and wine pairings. Each pairing is selected to bring out the flavor of the ingredients used and to give consumers a new way to experience a familiar dish. The wine pairings also help to attract those who might want the fine dining experience, but do not have the time or money for something too extravagant.