From LGBT Vacation Packages to Luxury VR Hotel Tours

 - Mar 4, 2016
These luxury hospitality experiences range from LGBT vacation packages to VR-powered hotel tours that blend lavish accommodations with the latest perception-altering technology. Targeting connected audiences, examples like personalized hotel packages from Vienna's Hotel Schani ensure visitors can book rooms in advance via a convenient mobile app. In addition to handling hassle-free bookings, the hotel's platform lets users customize more specific amenities and room service selections before check-in.

Other notable standouts include hotel-based pop-up shops like Everlane's cross-country hotel shopping tour, titled 'Room Service.' The shoe retailer set up temporary boutiques in hip hotels across the United States and was a hit among luxury-loving Millennials in destinations like San Francisco, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. A similar and perhaps even more lavish concept is a shoe incentive spa offer at The Nail Library at Hong Kong hotel The Upper House. The hotel's popular Christian Louboutin-themed treatments appeal to serious fashion fans and are even matched with a complimentary pair of red-soled flats.

Comedic hotel YouTube channels and ultra-luxe hotel menus round off these luxurious hospitality experiences and illustrate the versatility of today's experiential travel market.