The D Pets Hotel Ensures Your Furry Friend Has a Quality Stay

Located in Chelsea, New York, the D Pets Hotel is where all luxury-loving animals go to restore and relax. This opulent establishment is enjoyed by a number of NYC pets and has been labelled a "pet paradise."

Standing tall on a busy New York street, the D Pets Hotel is a 10,000-square-foot building with a variety of posh services. Opening at 7 a.m and closing at 8 p.m, this pet hotel serves all kinds of pet owners from business men to university students. While some owners treat the hotel like a daycare facility, this establishment does allow overnight boarding. The standard room features an orthopedic dog bed and a flat screen TV while a more luxurious suit includes a full sized bed, flat screen TV and art from Hawaii.

With a spa and grooming services, pets can getaway just as lavishly as their owners.