The ' La Bauhinia' Restaurant Now Serves '100% Green Dinners'

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: shangri-la & luxurylaunches
On the first Thursday of every month, the Shangri-La Hotel's La Bauhinia restaurant is now serving '100 Percent Green Dinners.' These five-course meals put a huge emphasis on vegetables, particularly the origins of the produce. Wine growers, gardeners and farmers are invited to interact with the diners, so that they can be treated to more information about the quality of what they are eating.

The menu crafted by Ched Christophe Moret gives priority to food items that are locally available, ethically produced and at the peak freshness. To go along with the all-green dinner menu, diners are served a variety of drinks that pair well with the vegetable dishes. The green theme is even carried through to the cocktails, which prominently feature ingredients like kale, celery and cucumber as more than just garnishes.