These Designated Cabins Make Flying with a Pet Classy on American Airlines

Anyone who's tried to take their dog or cat on vacation knows what a hassle flying with a pet can be. American Airlines is taking the stress out of holidaying with a furry companion with 'Cuddle Class,' the first class cabin service specially designed for pets.

Rather than having to confine pets to the tiny, crammed area under the seat, or worse yet, hand them off to the airline to be shuttled to their destination like cargo, First Class passengers on American Airlines can now keep their pets with them in designated pet cabins. The airborne kennels are positioned in the cabin next to owners' seats, making flying with a pet a stress-free experience. As of yet, Cuddle Class is only available between L.A. or San Francisco and New York City. There's no additional fee for the service, other than the standard price for carrying a pet onto the plane.