From Scholarly Boutique Gyms to Teen Restauranteur Eateries

 - Jan 30, 2016
In addition to being able to find tons of inspiration within the top 2015 new venture trends, observing some of the high-level patterns will help entrepreneurs to identify new opportunities on the horizon.

Some of the most interesting new businesses include selfie photography studios, cafes that double as guitar repair shops, as well as urban meditation studios. While there are plenty of start-ups that are opening the doors of new brick-and-mortar locations, there are just as many companies taking to the streets in trucks, bicycles and pop-up formats.

In order to make new ventures become a reality, there are also a number of unique ways that people with an entrepreneurial spirit can see their dreams become reality. This includes a number of niche crowdfunding platforms, such as ones specific to the restaurant or technology industries.

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