This Automated Restaurant Serves Quinoa Bowls Without Waiters or Cashiers

 - Sep 3, 2015
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This futuristic automated restaurant in San Francisco is perfect for diners who are looking for a speedy lunch rather than a long chat with a barista. 'Eatsa' is an automated restaurant experience where customers order at kiosks and have their meals appear in cubbyholes, all without any human contact. It's a rapid and efficient system, perfect for a takeout-style restaurant model.

The automated restaurant exclusively serves vegetarian quinoa bowls, packed with healthy vegetables and proteins, like the 'Harvest Bowl' which contains quinoa stuffing, cranberry chutney and roasted autumn veggies along with green beans, crispy onion strings, mushroom gravy and almonds. Each bowl can be customized at Eatsa's handy self-service touchscreen kiosks.

Though it doesn't exactly feature robot waiters, the automated restaurant does seem like the way of the future -- efficient takeout dining with less room for human error.