- Feb 19, 2016
From state of the art open concept kitchens to ultra-minimalist all-white interiors, contemporary restaurant design can emerge from many points of inspiration but share commonalities like a push toward the use recycled materials.

The Forest Restaurant and Bar was a three-month pop-up that ran on the roof of London's Selfridge's department store. The woods-themed culinary event offered outdoor dining in an idyllic setting lined with thin tree trunks and Christmas lights. The stunning contemporary restaurant setting prove that consumers are looking for a more tactile, multi-sensory dining experience with added value from art-inspired decor.

The Coco Club in Bucharest, Romania is an industrial pub experience characterized by its English decor. Inspired by traditional English pubs, the establishment is given an industrial feel with the inclusion of wooden fences inside the bar.

From Countryside Cookery Interiors to Surreal Artistic Eateries: