The Mott 32 Restaurant References Rich Cultural History

 - Oct 3, 2014
References: joycewang & dezeen
Hong Kong architect Joyce Wang designed the interior for Mott 32 Restaurant, a design which has earned the title of 'World Interior of the Year' at the Inside Festival in Singapore. It beat out eight other competitors in the category.

The converted storage facility is a mixture of industrial aesthetic and colonial furnishings, creating an interesting visual juxtaposition. To introduce light into the space, the architect installed skylights. Other decorative details make historical references; such as the suspended metal chains, which allude to the city's fishing industry.

The interior has been broken up into a series of zones, each of which feature a distinctive, yet cohesive, design. For instance, a area designated for couples features a romantic silk-embroidered wall and apothecary-style bar.