This Tokyo Restaurant Marries Tradition with Effortless Style

 - Aug 15, 2015
The Hakataya Daikichi izakaya in Tokyo's Ginza neighborhood is a stunning example of an effortlessly cool establishment that is also exciting and visually stimulating. The after-work establishment was designed by DESIGN STUDIO CROW, who stuck to an underlying theme of representing Hakata. The representation of Hakata is centered on the Hakata Festival that takes place in the ward every July.

The festival-inspired decor at this Tokyo restaurant is characterized by stools with mismatched tops and a large mural along the back wall. The ceiling is centered on a chandelier made up of festival-style lanterns created by a Hakata festival artist.

The exciting atmosphere was designed to create a relaxing yet stimulating customer experience while subverting conventions on what the usual izakaya entails.