From Emerald-Encrusted Timepieces to Luxe Presidential Smarphones

 - Jan 30, 2016
These 2015 luxury trends range from emerald timepieces to presidential smartphones that feature gilded and platinum details. Rather than focusing on practicality, these 2015 luxury trends embrace lavish design details and embody an opulent air.

Standouts include luxurious tent pods that transform any camping trip into a glamping adventure with sophisticated accommodations along with comfortable luxury cars that combine elegant design details with plush car fixtures that resemble those found inside an expensive home.

In addition to auto and fashion examples, other favorites include luxe water and aircrafts along with first class flight accommodations that offer a gourmet meal menu. Furthermore, this list also touches on VIP shopping experiences, luxury spa shoe incentives and even home accessories with a futuristic and fashion-forward feel. To learn more about what's next in the world of luxury, explore the 2016 Trend Report today.