Rain Soft Setup Lets You Bathe Beneath Dispersed Droplets and Downpours

Those broad modern shower heads have nothing on this waterfall shower system, which boasts the ability to offer a comprehensively natural cleansing experience. Within the Rain Soft Shower, you could choose to be rinsed by many distributed droplets, or rather by higher pressure streams of liquid.

Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri were the winners of an A'Design Award for this concept, which could replace the standard bathtubs and cubicle showers found in homes and hotels. The freestanding setup is intended to be spotlighted in the centre of an expansive bathroom, framing it as an undoubtedly luxurious plumbing fixture, complete with a halo-like crown. This extensive arrangement of spouts facilitates a waterfall showering effect, as well as the simulated experience of washing in a rainstorm. It would even blow you dry afterwards.