From Edible Gold Chocolate Bars to Luxurious Silver Vaults

 - Jan 31, 2016
The top 2015 ultra luxury trends reveals some of the demands of today's nouveau riche consumers. As this population grows, so does the definition of the word "luxury."

Ordinary items like umbrellas, phone covers and fountain pens are being reimagined for the tastes of the wealthy. In addition to everyday items like these that are prone to being lost, this concept is taken further by celebrating disposable income with single-use products. A prime example of this is a limited-edition chocolate bar that's been covered in a coating of 24-karat gold leaf.

Some of the most extravagant experiences that are being sought out by affluent individuals take to the skies with $500,000 in-flight tequila tastings, champagne and caviar sampling atop helipads and spy-themed helicopter adventures.

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