The New Line From Christophe & Co Will Transform Tech-Equipped Bracelets

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: facebook & christophe
A UK-based company called Christophe & Co. is about to revolutionize the world of luxury men's jewelry, and hardly anyone has realized it yet. In collaboration with the legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina (a frequent partner of Ferrari and Maserati, among others), Christophe & Co. has created a bold line of state-of-the-art smart jewelry geared towards incredibly wealthy men.

The collection is comprised of Armills, a bracelet-like class of jewelry that have been used to denote distinguished men in various cultures for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were even buried with their Armills, while the Romans used them to recognize commanders who had exhibited heroism in battle. In contemporary times, upon taking the throne of the United Kingdom, the sovereign inherits a number of jewelry pieces including the Royal Armills of England. With this proud tradition in mind, it's no wonder Christophe & Co. chose this form for its new smart jewelry line to take.

Christophe & Co.'s exclusive Armills comprise three different limited edition models: Apollo (25 total), Orion (100 total), and Virtus (300 total). The Armill exteriors are built from ceramic and feature not only immaculate style enhancements like Diamonds and 18k Gold, but cutting edge technological enhancements as well, such as NFC and Bluetooth LE communications systems and a kinetic energy device that can actually recharge the battery by harnessing the power of the user's arm movements.

Smart jewelry is a relatively new niche, so Christophe & Co. is hard at work developing improved functionality for the future, including gesture recognition, contactless payment systems, and compatibility with smart homes, cars, and yachts.