- Mar 22, 2016
These multisensory tech innovations range from responsive stress ball devices to experimental interface tools that help web designers visualize sound and light without relying on tactile features.

Standouts include sensory movement chairs that feature a sophisticated tech component along with battery-free flashlights that are designed to turn on based on a runner's movements or the time of day. Additionally, examples like VR motion-tracking devices make virtual simulations or gaming experience that much more realistic, bringing yet another interactive element to life for tech users.

Other notable examples of multisensory tech include dream-sensing headphones that examine body temperature and movement during slumber along with tactile music experiences like a sensory event at this year's SXSW interactive conference -- 'Interplay Lab' gives festival attendees a chance to experience music through the sense of touch.

From Tactile Music Experiences to Responsive Interface Tools: