The Tesla Suit Simulates Full-Body Touch, Climate Control and Motion Capture

 - Nov 21, 2015
References: teslasuit & psfk
The Tesla Suit is a virtual reality suit that uses haptic feedback to allow the wearer to be effected physically through virtual touch. Designed by a Scottish start-up with a familiar name, Tesla Studios created this suit to mimic climates, simulate full-body touch and measure movement.

The wearable technology looks like a diving suit, zipping all the way up to the neck and extending down to the ankles. It is full of sensory nodes that allow the wearer to feel impact and touch from virtual reality content like movies or games. It can also incredibly increase and decrease parts of the body in temperature -- simulating a cold lake or a scorching desert.

The reach of the Tesla Suit could extend quite far -- with the potential not just to exist in the gaming world but also in social media, providing people with ways to give hugs from one side of the world to another.