From Immersive Research Apps to Artful Web Design Platforms

 - Mar 21, 2016
These user interface innovations range from immersive research apps to web design platforms that promote creative services in a memorable way. Standouts include Printed by Somerset's creative website that acts as a web-based portfolio while taking visitors on an interactive journey. In addition to spotlighting a design studio's services and staff members, the website also acts as a template that can be purchased and instantly customized by visitors.

Other notable examples include cinematic search engines like Valoosa's platform -- a Shazaam for films -- that decodes movie titles with a simple description or quote. Additional favorites include DIY-themed interface solutions like the affordable NextDev system, a customizable IOT module that is designed for tech enthusiasts along with Henri by Method, an ambiance-boosting tool that helps designers experiment with light and sound without requiring a physical screen.