HELLO WORLD! is a Magic Table That Brings Inanimate Objects to Life

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: blog.btrax
'HELLO WORLD!' is the name of a "magic table" that brings life to inanimate objects. When an object is placed on the surface of the table, video projections, audio and an interactive tabletop are part of an interface that makes it possible for the object to ask questions. In order to carry out an interaction with an object, users are able to indicate their responses by pressing "yes" or "no" on the table's surface.

Beyond the entertainment value it can provide, this kind of IoT technology could be representative of retail displays of the future, which allow consumers to engage in exchanges directly with the products they're thinking about purchasing.

The HELLO WORLD! magic table is one of six IoT prototypes that will be on display at HACKist's SXSW 2016 booth.