From Kid-Friendly Tea Parties to Gender-Neutral Playhouses

 - Apr 24, 2016
The April 2016 youth trends reveal a major shift in the way parents and brands are thinking about playtime. Not only is there a push for more creative and unconventional forms of play, but there is also an effort to ensure these activities are more inclusive.

The push for creative play has largely been a reaction to the issue of over-parenting and the hyper-monitored lives that many children are forced to lead. As a result, there is a push for more unconventional activities for children. For instance, New York City is now home to an adventure park that is free from traditional playground equipment. Additionally, activities previously reserved for adults such as high tea are now being tailored to accommodate children as well.

Beyond the emphasis on creativity, the April 2016 youth trends also reveal a strong emphasis on gender inclusivity. Indeed, brands are increasingly shifting away from rigid gender-specific marketing and looking at products that will appeal to all children. These types of products can range from high-tech devices such as unisex coding programs to more basic toys such as gender-neutral playhouses.