Fruit Me Up! BOOST is a Fruit Snack for Kids Enriched with Benefits

'Fruit Me Up! BOOST' is a new kind of portable fruit snack for kids that are formulated to with additional fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, Omegas and calcium.

In addition to featuring bases of tried-and-true healthy ingredients like spinach, pears and peaches to make the fruit sauce, there are superfood inclusions like chia and green tea to amplify the goodness packed into the small portable packets. While there is definite variety in all of the six different types of puree pouches, one shared ingredient in all of them is apple.

At this year's Natural Products Expo West, Fruit Me Up! also launched a 'Naturally Better' snack series, which features ultra-simple fruit purees for kids that are made with less than five ingredients. While Naturally Better emphasizes simplicity and purity, BOOST is about maximizing the benefits that can be packed into a single serving.