From High-Protein Peanut Spreads to Candy-Flavored Nut Butters

 - Aug 12, 2016
Whether it is peanuts, cashews or even macadamia nuts, these tantalizing nut butters give consumers a delicious way to enhance their favorite foods.

One of the biggest innovations when it comes to nut-based spreads is the diversity of flavors available to consumers. No longer limited to plain old peanut butter, consumers can now enjoy condiments in flavors ranging from sweet and salty to deliciously indulgent. Some of the most unique flavors available include red velvet cake, Cadbury Creme Egg and pumpkin spice.

Beyond a wider range of flavors, brands have also managed to create tantalizing nut butters that offer functional benefits. For instance, a company called Steem produces a caffeinated peanut butter that provides consumers with an extra energy boost. For the more health-conscious crowd, Dr Zak's is selling a line of nut-based spreads that serve as a rich source of protein.