Dr. Praeger's Frozen Sandwiches are Quick to Heat and Eat

 - Mar 11, 2016
References: drpraegers
These frozen sandwiches from Dr. Praeger's make quick and easy snacks for parents to prepare for hungry kids. While the Strawberry and Grape 'Sunwiches' are sold in a frozen format and are meant to be kept frozen until ready to eat, they are best prepared using a microwave over a skillet, oven or toaster oven. In total, the snack can be warmed from frozen in less than five minutes.

Like all of Dr. Praeger's products, these thaw-and-eat Sunwiches are made with a range of nutritious ingredients. This includes a bread crust made from whole wheat flour, as well as a filling of fruit jelly and roasted sunflower seed butter.

These simple Sunwiches for kids are ideal for lunches and snacks when time is in short supply.