From Jackfruit Meat Substitutes to Portable Quinoa Bowls

 - Jun 6, 2016
In response to the growing number of consumers who are going meat-free, many food companies have begun churning out vegan meal ideas that are both flavorful and cruelty-free. Unlike vegan-friendly products of the past, many of the new plant-based dishes on the market demonstrate that giving up animal products doesn't have to mean sacrificing taste.

Instead of soy burgers and tofu patties, food companies are now producing products that have nearly the same taste and texture of meat. For instance, The Jackfruit Company makes an ultra-realistic meat substitute that comes in flavors such as BBQ, Tex-Mex and Curry. Similarly, Vegetarian Plus makes vegan-friendly ham out of plant-based ingredients such as red fermented rice, tapioca starch and soybean fiber.

However, there are many vegan-friendly food products that do not attempt to recreate the taste of animal-based dishes. Indeed, there are a number of vegan meal ideas that use plant-based ingredients in clever and innovative ways to keep consumers satiated. Some examples of these creative plant-based dishes include portable quinoa bowls, sprouted superfood waffles and frozen root vegetable mixes.