'Vegan Mac Uncheddar' Puts a Healthy Twist on a Classic Comfort Food

 - Apr 29, 2016
References: pastarisofoods
Pastariso recently debuted a product called 'Vegan Mac Uncheddar,' which puts a healthy twist on a classic comfort food. Many people grew up eating boxed mac n' cheese, therefore the dish is often considered a nostalgic food item. Now the dish has been updated for health-conscious consumers with a recipe that is more nutritious than other types of macaroni.

Pastariso's Vegan Mac Uncheddar is a boxed macaroni dinner that is free from dairy, gluten, soy and GMOs. As the company describes, the products is a "deliciously nutritious fresh take on a classic comfort food -- without the cheese!" Not only is the product appropriate for vegans and those following specialty diets, but it is also high in protein, making it more nutritious than comparable products.

The vegan mac n' cheese from Pastariso is likely to appeal to younger consumers who are increasingly looking for better-for-you versions of the same food products they enjoyed as kids.