From Single-Serve Tuna Packets to Cruelty-Free Seafood Meals

 - Jan 30, 2017
From savory seaweed snacks that can be enjoyed on the go to eco-friendly tuna products that are good for the planet, today's store-bought seafood looks radically different than it has in the past.

One of the biggest changes to seafood products has been the rise of fish and seaweed-based snacks. Indeed, the growing consumer demand for exotic and savory snack foods from around the globe has made seafood an increasingly popular snack option. Some of the most innovative seafood snacks include North American versions of the popular Japanese treat onigiri and single-serve portions of fish such as tuna.

Beyond the rise of savory seafood snacks, there is also a demand for more sustainable seafood products. For example, brands such as Safe Catch, SeaPak and Artisan Bistro are creating sustainable seafood products that reduce the amount of harm inflicted on the environment by the fishing industry. These types of store-bought seafood products can largely be attributed to the growing demand for more eco-friendly options from conscious consumers.