Oriental Merchant's Asian Meal Kits Pre-Mix Herbs and Paste

In order to help consumers enjoy classic Asian meals in a way that's both authentic and easy, Oriental Merchant developed seasoning sets that simplify the process of making well-known Thai dishes.

Dishes like Tom Kha Soup, Green Curry and Pad Ka-Prao (Basil Stir Fry) hinge on the use of distinctive ingredients and spices like garlic, chili and lemongrass. For this reason, these meal kits from Oriental Merchant come with mixed herb sachets and pastes that can be used to enhance everything from chicken and seafood to other meat dishes.

These easy-to-make Asian meal kits are ideal for consumers who are pressed for time, yet crave a flavorful dish that is made with genuine high-quality ingredients. Rather than having to worry about having a kitchen stocked with multiple condiment and seasoning jars, consumers will appreciate that these microwavable bags provide them with an efficient single-use solution.