From Portable Peanut Butter Packets to Squeezable Jam Pouches

 - Jul 1, 2016
With the rise of on-the-go eating, portability remains remains one of the most prevalent themes in many of the top June 2016 food branding ideas, including everything from single-use condiments to desserts and energy shots.

Recently, Hershey's rolled out a new 'Simply 5' chocolate syrup that embraces natural ingredients. As more brands attempt to appeal to health-conscious consumers, they are embracing wholesome ingredient lists and clean labeling practices that make a point to show off the purity of a product.

Some of the most novel food branding ideas include a limited-edition chicken bucket created by KFC to record special messages for Mother's Day, Milk Nature's cow hide-inspired cartons and to-go packaging from Surf'n'Fries that takes the shape of a bus.